When Pakistan's ex PM Imran Khan yelled at Shah Rukh Khan for a trivial reason

The arrest of Imran Khan by Pakistan Army has shaken up the world. The old incident involving Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and him is going viral

When Pakistan's ex PM Imran Khan yelled at Shah Rukh Khan for a trivial reason

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be an exceptional star for his fans. If he meets someone in a good mood, then the person is guaranteed to have an encounter of a lifetime. However, the superstar's own experience as a fan was not a good one. And we are talking about his first fan boy experience. Like every desi, Shah Rukh Khan too was cricket crazy. It seems he had gone to the cricket stadium once and asked Imran Khan for an autograph. Like many Indians, he too is a great fan of the flamboyant batsman and all-rounder. Imran Khan, the ex-PM of Pakistan has been in the news for his arrest. This old incident involving SRK has made its way into the news yet again.


Shah Rukh Khan had told Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir during Fan promotions that he had once seen Imran Khan at the cricket stadium in Delhi. Seeing him close, he grabbed the chance to seek an autograph. Imran Khan scolded him and shooed him away. It seems his team was performing badly on the field. The ace cricketer too did not fare well. Shah Rukh Khan felt that it might have affected his mood. It seems when Shah Rukh Khan later met Imran Khan, he narrated him the incident. But he did not hold grudges and admitted that he would be a fan forever.


Pakistan paramilitary forces arrested Imran Khan from the Islamabad Court. The sight of him being dragged inside a van has created an uproar on social media. It has been alleged that Imran Khan and his wife have committed fraud to the tune of billions of Pakistani rupees. Protests have erupted all over the nation. There are full chances of a Civil War in Pakistan which is reeling under economic crisis. Celebs like Saba Qamar, Zara Peerzada, Adnan Siddiqui, Hasan Raheem, Annie Khalid, Maya Ali, Atija Odho, Quratulain Balouch, Anousheya Ashraf, Khadijah Shah and others have rallied behind the beleaguered ex PM of Pakistan. He is now in custody for atleast a week.