RPConnect Invited to Listen to RTN HMC Transforms Enterprises in the Philippines

RPConnect Invited to Listen to RTN HMC Transforms Enterprises in the Philippines
Noubikko Ulanday, CEO of RPConnect, Mary Anne Antazo, Financial Consultant and Reynaldo Nolasco, CEO of RTN HMC with Farmer's Basket Philippines Agriventures Inc. Founder and CEO Arlene Cipriano-Emmon

August 24, 2022 – Manila, Philippines - RTN Holding and Management Corporation (RTN HMC) invited RPConnect to listen to the transformation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines. The growth of MSMEs is the priority of the current government because it generates employment, reduces poverty, and contributes to economic development.

“We want to create additional values for these companies by re-structuring management, digitalization, incorporating innovation and marketing full potentials”, said Reynaldo Nolasco, CEO of RTN HMC. We also need to adapt to the changes in the business ecosystem to increase sales and profitability”, he added.

RTN HMC invited RPConnect to listen Pares Avenue CEO Marjorie Anne Robles Santiago and CFO Gem Santiago

RTN HMC invited Noubikko to listen to  Manfort Rice Trading CEO Andy Lagarde and CFO Sheryll Marie Francisco

 Noubikko listen to the proposal of StarApple Custom CEO and Founder Bernie Catimbang and Head of Marketing Celina Catimbang, to RTN Holdings

Noubikko said, CEO of RPConnect advised and said that  “Most of the time, we don't need an overhaul in the business operations to meet new challenges for a successful ecosystem environment”. We just need to follow the correct corporate structure of the business we have intended to be in.