Rae from AVO™ Beauty Academy Explains the Benefits of Microblading

Rae from AVO™ Beauty Academy Explains the Benefits of Microblading
Realistic Microblading Hairstrokes
Rae from AVO™ Beauty Academy Explains the Benefits of Microblading
Rae from AVO™ Beauty Academy Explains the Benefits of Microblading

San Diego, California, United States. June 16, 2022 - Our face is one of the first things people notice about us. This is why so many people spend so much money on taking care of their skin. Whether it's makeup, skin creams, botox, or whatever it may be, we want to look our best especially when making first impressions. 

One of the most challenging areas of the face to maintain is the eyebrows. When it comes to shaping eyebrows, being able to draw a shape that is flattering to your face can be difficult. Then we have to search for the perfect shade of ‘50 shades of brown’ which can be a never ending task. 

Rae, founder of AVO Brows & Beauty, explains the benefits of microblading and why this low-maintenance procedure has her booked out for months in advance. 

Long Lasting Results - This non-invasive process offers fantastic results that retain their shape and color for 1-2 years. Imagine a semi-permanent tattoo on your eyebrows that you wake up with on your face everyday.

Low Maintenance/Time Saver - Microblading offers a blueprint of a flattering shape on your eyebrows that allows you to wear bare or glam up with makeup when needed. Just lightly groom the hairs outside of the microbladed shape and get perfect brows everyday. 

Easy Solution to Regain Eyebrows - Microblading is a wonderful solution for anyone that may have experienced hair loss or suffers from sparse areas in the brows. 

Natural Looking Results - The best microblading makeup clinics in the industry create natural-looking results making it difficult for anyone to spot the difference between real brow hairs from microbladed strokes. 

Sweat Proof/Smudgeproof brows - Say goodbye to smudged brows that may have sweat off during a summer day. Enjoy your pool day while looking your best with a full set of fluffy brows.

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AVO™ Brows and Beauty is a permanent makeup studio, training academy, and brand headquartered in San Diego, California. Specializing in various techniques including microblading, ombre powder brows, combo brows, and lip blush - AVO Brows & Beauty prides themselves on their signature techniques that will enhance every individual’s natural beauty. With the rise in interest for permanent makeup, AVO’s training academy takes pride in teaching new permanent makeup artists the most in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in the industry.

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