AVO™ Releases the Thinnest Microblade on the Market

AVO™ Releases the Thinnest Microblade on the Market

San Diego, California, United States, June 21, 2022 - Rae Quinto announces the release of new high-quality microblading tools and blades in Q3 2022. Permanent cosmetics company, AVO™ Brows & Beauty teams up with the first microblading factory in the world to use biocomposites as microblading tool materials. 

Rae, the beauty behind the business explains her reasoning for releasing this new generation of biodegradable universal microblading holders and high-quality nano microblades.  “Our studio focuses on strict sanitation practices which require all artists to use disposable one-time use tools and blades for the safety of our clients. It was important for me to create a microblading tool that is degradable within 2-3 years while remaining harmless to the environment.”

The Biodegradable Universal Microblading Holder can be paired with all AVO™ blades. This eliminates the need for an artist to use additional tools when performing different microblading techniques on a single client. AVO’s microblades are currently the thinnest blades on the market.  Each blade is 0.15mm and is individually inspected by a high-powered microscope to ensure quality control. This microblade creates crisp and natural-looking hair strokes and when applied correctly by a professionally trained cosmetic artist is nearly painless. 

Rae will be hosting a microblading seminar this November in Manila, Philippines which will teach two of the most natural looking micropigmentation techniques, microblading and shading. All students that will be attending the course will receive a complimentary starter kit which will include the brand new Biodegradable Microblading Universal Tools and Nano Microblades to use for their first few clients. 

ABOUT AVO Brows & Beauty

AVO Brows and Beauty is a permanent makeup studio, training academy, and brand located in San Diego, California. Specializing in various techniques including microblading, ombre powder brows, combo brows, and lip blush - AVO Brows & Beauty prides themselves on their signature techniques that will enhance every individual’s natural beauty. With the rise in interest for permanent makeup, AVO’s training academy takes pride in teaching new permanent makeup artists the most in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in the industry.

Thinnest Microblades on the Market

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